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The Dar Si Said Museum

Is housed in an opulent palace that is a delight to explore. The ground floor provides the perfect starting place and it is here that visitors can get better acquainted with splendid items from the past that are still very much in use today. Beautifully decorated weapons are presented side by side with splendidly decorative clothing and beaten copper articles while traditional Berber jewelry captivates and enchants. After examining this delightful collection you can make your way up to the first floor where you are greeted by strong Hispano-Moorish decorations and stunning cedar wood complete with intricate carvings. 

Museum of Marrakech (Omar Benjelloun museum) 

Housed in the Dar M'Nebhi Palace in the historic center of the city, the Museum of Marrakech offers visitors a window into the history and culture of Morocco. Built in the late 1800s by Mehdi Menebhi, the palace is a superb example of classical Andalusian architecture which was restored by the Omar Benjelloun Foundation* and opened to the public as a museum in 1997. Traditional seating areas, a central courtyard with fountains, exquisite tiling, mosaics and wood carvings, as well as a traditional hammam are all features of the palace. The atrium of the museum is covered in fabric and glass with an unusual chandelier-style decoration hanging in the center, catching and reflecting the light. Exhibits at the museum include collections of traditional and contemporary Moroccan art, along with historic books, pottery and coins representing Moroccan Jewish, Arab and Berber cultures.

The Bert Flint Museum (Tiskiwine museum)

is named for Bert Flint, who assembled the museum’s beautiful collection. Bert Flint was an art historian from Denmark who spent much time in Morocco and saw fit to assemble this impressive collection. The museum’s collection focuses mainly on the popular traditions of two areas within Morocco’s boundaries – that of the Souss Valley and the Sahara. Hence they are a positive reflection of the culture and way of life of people from these areas. While the museum may seem to have a strong emphasis on theatrical arts, it certainly is not limited to this and the collection is a tribute to past cultures more than anything else. To start with, the collection has a good selection of fabrics, textiles and theatrical costumes – a compilation that is certainly complimented by a fine selection of historical musical instruments from the same time period and regions of Morocco. 

The Berber Museum of the Majorelle Garden (Yves Saint Laurent residence)

The former museum of Islamic art, located in the heart of the Majorelle Garden, has been entirely renovated to house the Berber Museum and to preserve this collection of Berber art in conditions of presentation and conservation in accordance with international museum standards.

With a floor space of over 200 m², the Museum displays more than 600 objects, in a compelling panorama on Berber culture in Morocco.

Maps, explanatory texts – in French, English and Arabic -, photographs, archive films and audio-visual documents specifically designed for the museum guide the visitors throughout their journey.

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Marrakech museums Tour

Marrakech museums Tour

immerse yoursel in moroccan culture and history with our marrakech museums private tour

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