Rent a minivan whith Driver in Morocco

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130,00 €

Minivan whit driver rental : a best way to explore Morocco freely without constraint

of time and program

 “First of all, getting a minivan whit driver is a guaranteed new experience, a feeling of change, rupture: vacations. 

Then, it follows a different rhythm, a slow rhythm and yet it is not only about freedom, it is the slowest active vacation. 

It is also a means a way to gather with the family or among friends in complete intimacy and conviviality. (2 to 14 people, maybe more.) 

This type of tourism is very different from mass tourism, as it enables to explore the territory and the most unsuspected diversity of the Moroccan terroir. 

Finally, it is one of the last forms of freedom allowing to discover the heart of nature away from adapted stops, in complete freedom and communion with nature.” 

The rent of minivan with driver in Morocco, releases you from the pledge to be deposited during the rent of a vehicle, a gazoile and a toll of highway, in a country where the methods of driving postpone yours.

Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself with a professional and legally insured driver guide

Admire the landscapes and make behave in destination confidently!

Rent a minivan in Marrakesh, rent a minivan in Casablanca, Rent a minivan in Essaouira Mogador, rent a minivan in Morocco.

The rent of minivan with driver, includes everything: the driver, the gasoile, and the tolls of highways.


Minivan  6/8 person:        125,00 €/day (minimum rent: 5 days)

Minivan  14 person :         160,00 €/ day (minimum 5 day of rent)

Minivan 17 person:           185,00€/ day   ( minimum 5 day of rent)            

Rent a 4x4 whit driver:     140,00€/ day (max 4 persons)  (minimum 5 days of rent)


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Rent a minivan whith Driver in Morocco

Rent a minivan whith Driver in Morocco

Private transportation & Driver for you and your Tribe here in Morocco

Rent a minivan with driver in Morocco and let your professional driver behave in complete safety and serenity.

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